Charging a Car Battery the Safe Way

The staff at South 20 Dodge Chrysler Ltd. like to pass along information that can assist motorists in protecting their investment in their vehicles. Here are some tips for properly charging your car battery.

Start by making certain the battery charger is not plugged into the electrical outlet and is in the off position.

Locate the car battery and the plus and minus signs on the terminals.

Take the red cable, the positive cable, attach securely to the plus side of the battery. The black cable, negative, goes to the minus side of the battery.

Once the charging cables are secured to each side of the battery, it is safe to plug the charger into the electrical outlet. Turn on the battery charger to begin the charging process.

Depending on the unit, it will either turn off automatically when the battery is charged or you will have to monitor the charge and remove when it is complete.



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