The Jeep Grand Cherokee Offers a Uniquely Comfortable Riding Experience

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a large and powerful yet surprisingly comfortable full-size SUV. Even though the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers the size and space that characterizes most SUVs, it also includes many design features that make it well suited to perform on just about any race track. These features include adaptive suspension systems that maximize comfort and stability as well as top-notch engine and transmission systems.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee goes the extra mile to improve driver and passenger comfort. It does so with the help of the Bilstein Adaptive Suspension service. This technology allows drivers to adjust the stiffness of specialized dampers on demand. This allows them to soften their suspensions during city driving or stiffen them up when they hit the track. Backing up this system is limited slip differential capability that allows this vehicle to provide 4-wheel power at any time.

Supporting and moving this suspension system is the Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8 motor. Available in both 6.4L and 6.2L displacements, Jeep Grand Cherokee motors rewards drivers with upwards of 700 hp. Controlling all that power is a proprietary Select Track transmission technology system that gives drivers access to 5-preset driving modes. Whether drivers need regular, sport, track, or inclement weather settings, they can access these special modes with the push of a button.



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