Belts & Hoses: Warning Signs of Trouble

Even if you are handy beneath the hood of your car, you may not realize that your timing belts, serpentine belts, and coolant hoses have issues unless you check them regularly. These are some of the most integral parts of your car, and failure to find cracks and leaks in advance may lead to bigger problems. If you notice a pool of liquid under your car, hear screeching noises, or find that your car is sluggish upon start, you could have a major issue with one of these belts and hoses.

Damage to your belts and hoses happens over time. Timing belts may wear down and cause engine backfires or stalls. Worn or cracked serpentine belts may lead to a loss of power steering. Coolant hoses can leak or break causing you to lose antifreeze and other important fluids.

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