Humboldt Drivers Stay Safe with Jeep Cherokee

Staying protected on the road is now more important than ever, so the modern Jeep Cherokee has been specially designed to keep you safe when faced with imminent danger. This naturally defensive SUV has earned tremendous accolades around the world, and it boasts an affable suggested retail price. Thus, advanced driving security is finally accessible to the general public.

Thanks to the futuristic sensors supplied by this SUV's one-of-a-kind ParkSense® Rear Park Assist with Stop, unexpected collisions resulting from blind spots can be effortlessly mitigated. This evolved hardware is especially useful for detecting unforeseen obstacles amid particularly rugged terrains.

In a similar fashion, LaneSense® Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist provides immediate notices regarding unintended drifts between lanes. The instantaneous alerts are simultaneously signaled via visual displays and auditory alarms to prevent impending accidents. To experience vehicular safety like never before, just visit South 20 Dodge Chrysler Ltd. for a test drive.


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