2015 Sports & Leisure Show

It's finally spring!  Well, hinging on spring anyway.  As we battle through ice, mud and giant puddles swallowing our roads, we have this to look forward to - the 3rd Annual 2015 Humboldt Sports and Leisure Show! Hosted alongside Discovery Motorsports, we have pulled out all of the stops!  ATVs, RVs, side x sides, boats, lawn and garden equipment - over $7 million in inventory all combined under one roof.   Free admission, amazing sale prices, manufacturer representatives, and a chance to win a fabulous weekend getaway at Elk Ridge Resort.  One  weekend.  One roof. Everything summer.  Mark your calendar!

Congratulations Dennis Spence!

There are some things in life that you will always be grateful for, the hard working coaches that change our children's lives are one of them.  In February we sponsored the Coach of the Year Award alongside Boldt FM and discoverhumboldt.com.  With so many amazing volunteer coach nominations pouring in it is very apparent that our children are lucky to be growing up in this area!  After turning the decision to the public with an online vote, Dennis Spence has been named the 2014 Coach of the Year! With 30 years of coaching, Dennis has been active in soccer, volleyball, basketball,badminton and kickboxing.  In recognition of his efforts, Dennis has received a commemorative plaque, and a $1000 South 20 gift card.  Thank you Dennis, for the countless hours you have put in, and for working so hard to simply 'make someone else's life better'!

2014 Coach Of The Year

We are very proud to announce that we are once again sponsoring the 2nd Annual Coach of the Year Award in partnership with 107.5 Bolt FM and Discover Humboldt!  This area has a tremendous talent of volunteers who dedicate countless hours to our youth in sports.  We are all the better for it - our community for the all of the wonderful opportunities there are to offer, our children for the valuable lessons they learn, and us as parents for the experiences our children or enjoying.  Thank the wonderful coaches in your life by nominating them for the 2014 Coach of the Year award!  The winning coach will receive a $1000 gift certificate for South 20, with the 4 runner up coaches receiving $100 certificates each.  Nominations close January 25th at 5:00.

Ringing In The New Year

No more hammers, no more dust - 2015 comes with a sleek new look inside and outside of the dealership.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who visited in spite of the numerous office jumps and the chaos - you are all troopers!  We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year - stop in for a coffee and check out the new showroom!  
2014 was a great year marked by welcoming new employees, supporting so many great causes in and around Humboldt, celebrating numerous sale events, and unveiling some awesome new vehicles!  We look forward to continuing the momentum into 2015 with a new website look, the 'First Big Deal Event' and the kickoff to the second annual Coach of the Year Award. Stay tuned for details!
Happy New Year! 

Renovations Phase 2

If you've visited or even just driven past South 20 in the past month chances are you've done a double take.  As phase one of the renovation plan has reached completion things are looking a little different outside.  Don't worry!  It's still us - just better looking!  The change that we saw in only a few short months is crazy to think about, and now that change has attacked the inside.  While right now it's all drywall and missing ceiling tiles, some day soon it will be fresh paint, a new waiting room, and brand new offices.  We are excited!  Please bear with us as we work through these renovations - if the new store front has taught us anything, it's that the noise and mess will absolutely be worth it! 

7 Degrees...


5 Simple Tips For Buying a Used Vehicle

"Your first vehicle is always a lemon" - that's what I've heard uttered from so many different mouths. It's just part of growing up - the image of a teenager proudly driving a beat up old clunker where the seats are duct taped together, but the stereo can make your walls shake. Mine came at the age of 22 following the birth of my children. It was a 1996 Dodge Stratus purchased from family friends. With 2 boys in tow, I needed a safe reliable mode of transportation. A week later I had to replace the struts. Within the first year the brakes were shot and the transmission blew. First chance I got I traded that vehicle in for a Sebring, and never looked back.
Some people can deal with this; they can buy an old beater and MacGyver it up into a working vehicle for years to come - chewing gum and string can go a long way! I am not those people, and if you're like me, you probably need some tips on how to buy a used vehicle.
1) Think it through! Buy with your head, not your heart; don't get distracted by shiny curves - you need to be able to afford the monthly payments and regular maintenance bills. Make sure you know how much you can afford to spend.
2) Research the model. Have an idea of what type of vehicle you are interested in and research it. This is the internet age - there are plenty of websites and forums that will educate you on the basic strengths and weaknesses of every vehicle. Know the typical repairs associated with those types of vehicles and the average cost. Don't be blindsided after buying.
3) Once you have an idea of budget and model, decide where you want to buy - dealership or private. While there are definite perks to buying through private sales, remember that dealerships have a legal obligation not to misrepresent the vehicle. Before they can sell a used vehicle, they have to ensure that there are no outstanding liens, that the vehicle meets all minimum vehicle equipment standards for brakes, steering, tires, glass, muffler, exhaust system, etc. and that the body is not rusted through. The dealership can also perform an SGI search which will disclose if it has ever been declared a total loss vehicle (if its been in an accident), if it was previously registered in Saskatchewan, and if it has passed a Saskatchewan Safety Inspection. If there was never an inspection you could be on the hook for the cost. Finally, the dealership will often provide a maintenance history and/or the contact information for the previous owner upon request if you have any questions.
4) Take it for a test drive; never ever buy a vehicle that you have not driven first. Keep the radio off and listen to what the vehicle has to say. Does it rattle, shudder, pull to one side? These are all signs of possible underlying mechanical problems. Drive like you will be driving it daily - residential roads, the highway, country roads; get the feel of how your daily commute will be.
5) While you're at it - inspect it! Test wipers, air conditioning, heater and radio (vehicles make the best concert halls - make sure your backup music sounds good). Look under the hood; do the spark plugs look newer than the engine? This is a sign that the vehicle has undergone regular maintenance. Bring the car to a trusted mechanic to look over. Don't worry, it won't hurt our feelings! Having the car inspected could save you thousands and we'd much rather have a happy customer than an angry review!
Most importantly, remember that when it comes to buying a used vehicle the best deal is not always a good one. If what you're looking for is a well maintained vehicle beware the 'too good to be true' price. Actual value depends on the condition of the car, if it's priced to low, there's probably a reason.
Happy shopping!


Ugh, Rodents!

Picture this: two friends taking their children camping for the first time.  We arrive at the campground late - it's already dark and raining as we struggle to assemble the new tent. Imagine our surprise as we realize that this isn't a regular tent, it's a shell with 2 smaller tents inside and no floor in the middle.  Eventually we wrangle the 2 boys into the bedrooms to sleep.  Triumphant and slightly soaked we sit back to relax in the centre area.  That's when I open my eyes to stare directly in the face of a mouse.  The scream was probably loud enough to wake the entire campground, and in disgust a new tent was purchased the following season - with a complete floor.  
Turns out a floor is not enough to keep the rodents at bay and this year the squirrels chewed through the side of our new castle.  That's it, no more tenting....ever.  Next year there will be a transition into an RV - bathroom, kitchen, solid walls, and no rodents!
But that's not really a guarantee, is it?  Our RV Service and Parts Departments have had to clean up a few mouse related problems for people throughout the years as they get into the drawers, the storage bays, and the wiring.  Ugh!  All it takes is a tiny little hole and they're in - how do you stop them?
Mouse Free -The Repeller!  Found in the Parts Department of the RV Centre, Mouse Free is a unique formula that stops the entry of mice into your RV.  Bonus - it comes with a lifetime warranty.  No drip, no mess, and non-toxic you simply coat the undercarriage of your RV with this and it repels mice.  How does it work? It plays on their acute sense of smell with essential oils that are overwhelming to mice and drives them away.  It is also too slippery for them to move across, making it impassable by any mouse, squirrel or insect.  If it doesn't have wings, it won't get in!
No more cleaning up droppings or feeling violated by their presence - they had me at Mouse Free!


Partners Supply Drive

 Partners For Rural Family Support recently held a School Supply Drive to help local families send their kids to school with everything they need.  We were lucky to be part of this amazing project by providing trucks at their mall and Streetfest locations for the donations to be dropped off at.  Big thank you to everyone who donated -  just one more reason we are proud to be part of the Humboldt Area! 

Tent vs. Camper - The Ultimate Showdown!

Broken tent poles, critters eating through the walls, rain dripping on your face, and camping supplies packed floor to ceiling in your vehicle - these are some of the perks of tenting.  Someone told me once that how well a couple can set a tent up together is a true test of a marriage....then they grabbed a drink and set up a chair right in front of us to laugh.  We won.  I don't know how.  Tent vs. Camper has been a huge debate in our house for the past couple of years.  There's the easy set up, bathroom, storage space, less threat of bears crashing in on your while you sleep....that camper is looking better and better.  It comes down to personal preference - my husband likes the rustic outdoors; I like the coffee maker in the morning.  Which do you prefer?


Short On Storage

Short on Storage?  We have an RV for that!  Camping comes with so much gear - dishes, toys, clothes, towels, food...where do you put it all?  Let's face it, living out of totes and bags really isn't relaxing when you spend a good chunk of your time digging through them for misplaced, forgotten items.  Keep it simple.  Make sure there's enough storage in the camper you're considering before you purchase.  Everything in it's place means less stress.  Less stress means more time to swim, boat, nap....whatever you want to do!

RV Accessory Sale

Sure there's Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and all those other adorable reindeer that help deliver toys around the world, but none of those guys are going to help you now.  As I type this there are exactly 128 sleeps until Christmas.  That's crazy!  Didn't summer just start?  Suddenly, we're wrapping up the camping season.  If you're anything like me, you plan to start your shopping early each year, and yet somehow it's December and you're trapped in that mad rush, scrounging empty shelves for that special someone.  
Here's your chance to cross the RV/camping lovers off your list, right here, right now AND you get to save money!  With 20 - 50% off select RV accessories (that's 120 items in total), you're bound to find that perfect something.  Have a Roughriders fan on your list?  Who doesn't?  We have Rider Patio Mats, director's chairs, awning lights, and plates.  Fun spirit?  How about a game of Pongo Bongo?  There's the amazing Ciao Baby camping highchair for people with babies/toddlers, and Aqua Zookas for mischievous individuals who like surprise attack water fights.  Simply looking for supplies for next year's season?  Check out the bushpie makers, wiener roasting sticks, board games!  Plus there's so much more!  
The sale ends September 2; this is one event you don't want to miss!

Change Is In The Air!

The blueprints are ready and a hammers poised to begin on the new South 20 storefront this week.  Things are going to look a little different around here with bigger windows and an entirely new entrance and we're very excited for the face-lift!  Please bear with us as the front entrance will not be in use for a little while, however the side entrance happily welcomes you!  We'll still be offering the same great service, it'll just be better looking! 

Summer Memories

With a little imagination and a lot of laughs we created our very first YouTube commercial  for the South 20 RV Centre.  We owe a huge thank you to the Humboldt Heritage Park for providing a beautiful campsite, to our stars Kirsten Chamberlain and Cole and Kaleb Pulice, and to GBK Productions for creating an amazing theme song for the RV Centre!


Rustic Kitchen


RV Season Kick Off To-Do List

It's finally here, May long weekend and weather suggestive of sunshine and long nights by the fire!  Before you hitch on to that RV and pull out the drive, here's a little check list  to make sure that you first camping trip runs smoothly:

1: Tire condition and air pressure before you move it (Wheel bearings and grease for sure annually)

2: Propane tanks fill and check for leaks---purge your propane lines (Usually getting propane to your stove top burners first works the best)

3: Put battery in-charge-connect cables

4: Open water heater door and blow out or vacuum out debris

5: Open fridge vent door and blow out or vacuum out debris

6: De-winterize--- Flush out the antifreeze , turn the by-pass valves on the water heater to normal usage (If equipped) and fill with water-pressure up to look for leaks (Check both city water and fresh water holding tank water/pump) Also check each water tap, shower/tub/toilet/under sinks and run water through.  Run the water through to the holding tanks and check grey and black water dump valves---check for leaks   

7: Plug in the camper to 110V power --- check lights, appliances (Fridge, Stove, Water heater---after water is in it, Furnace, A.C., etc.)

8: Check  the roof and slide-out tops and look for damage, cracked sealant, vent cover damage, etc.

9: Put the awning out and make sure it functions correctly

10: Lube your entry step, door hinges/locks and baggage door latches/ locks

11: If it appears your camper hasn't wintered well you may want to consider trading it off at South 20 RV (Just Kidding!)


May-Day Sale Event

As Spring and Winter duke it out in what has turned into an ugly battle of dominance, we're throwing our full support in Spring's corner by launching the "May-Day" Sale Event from May 5-10.  Winter has reached the end of his reign, time to plan for sunshine, vacations, and relaxation.  The South 20 RV Centre has everything to equip your vacation: water toys, RV essentials, and blowout prices on all 2013 model year RVs PLUS you can enter your name to win a Mother's Day Spa Package from Elite Salon and Spa.  Time to start living for Spring, and the May-Day Sale Event is a great place to start!

Tell Us About It...

Thanks to our wonderful customers, South 20 Dodge Chrysler & RV Centre continues to grow and for that we are grateful!  As part of that growth we continuously strive to improve our services.  Over the past number of years we have been part of a site called dealerrater.ca - a third party website in which you, the consumer can leave your honest, unedited review of your recent experience at our dealership.  The process is quick and painless and only takes a minute or two, but your input will not only help future customers choose whether or not to deal here, but it will also let us know what we're doing right or where we need to improve.  Have you visited our dealership recently?  Click on the following image and tell us about it!  Your review will be entered into a monthly draw for a full detail package plus oil change.

2014 Humboldt Sports & Leisure Show


We've got 5th wheels, travel trailers, motor homes, boats, ATVs, street bikes, lawn mowers, all the right accessories to kick your summer off in high gear and it's all going to be under one roof!  The 2014 Humboldt Sports and Leisure Show is taking over the Humboldt Uniplex April 3-6.   Entry is free so come down and check out the $7 million worth of inventory being showcased at the event, and make sure you enter the scavenger hunt featuring a grand prize of a fabulous weekend getaway at Elk Ridge Resort - 2 nights stay, 4 rounds of golf (with cart) and $500 Elk Ridge Money.  
In the market for a new RV?  Now is definitely the time to buy!  Leisure Show prices, amazing finance incentives, plus if you visit the dealership for a financing pre-approval before April 3rd and then purchase your RV at the show you will receive an additional $500 discount. 
We are very excited to announce that the Calico Gymnastics Club recently came on board and will be offering childcare on Saturday, April 5 from 10 - 4 in the meeting rooms across from Jubilee Hall.  This is an amazing way to enjoy the Leisure Show, support the gymnastics club, and let your kids burn some constructive energy all at the same time!  See you at the show!

Wash Away The Winter Blues!

It begins with a trickle of milk on the seat, a trail of muddy footprints, the scent of too many hockey tournaments co-mingling with a tragically misplaced soccer sock and there you have it - the end of winter vehicle!  It stood by you all season, transported you safely through snowstorms and icy conditions, withstood  -40 windchills and now it needs some love!  This week we're running a Facebook promotion; like our Facebook Page,  participate in the discussion and you'll be entered to win a complete detailing package (leather not included) - the more you participate the more entries you receive!  The draw will be made on Friday, March 21 - imagine your vehicle without that sweaty locker room smell, mud and general grime covered surfaces - we can do that for you!


Mopar Virtual Makeover

You can plan your meal, your wardrobe, change your voice - it seems there's an app for everything now-a-days, but if you're a Ram fan then Mopar has created the ultimate app for you - the Mopar Augmented Reality App.  Recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, this App allows you to virtually makeover your Ram truck with 250+ Mopar accessories in order to decide what best fits your personality.  If the app tests well they plan to make it available in showrooms across North America.  Looking for a makeover?  There's an app for that.....


2013 Coach Of The Year

 When you have active children you spend your 'free' time in rinks, at the ball park, the soccer field, the track or on your way to the next practice, rehearsal, or event.  Whatever the sport or activity, when spending that much time on the sidelines you learn to really appreciate that coach that goes well beyond his or her basic volunteer role and makes a real difference.  These are the individuals that are excellent role models, teach teamwork, self esteem, respect, and character - lessons that go far beyond how to throw a ball.  This year we joined up with discoverhumboldt.com and 107.5 Bolt FM to honor these individuals with the 2013 Coach of the Year Award, and asked the Humboldt area to nominate outstanding coaches.  With so many amazing coaches out there, it was up to a small panel of judges to narrow down the nominations to a group of 5 finalists and then the final decision was opened up to a public vote on discoverhumboldt.com.  On Feb. 10, 2014 Curtis Strueby became named the first ever Coach of the Year!  Curtis has been coach of the Marysburg Royals for the past 12 years.  He also coaches, high school cross country, senior boys soccer, senior girls basketball, badminton, track and runs the Marysburg Baseball Skills Camp every May for ages 5 - 14.  He teaches athletes to respect themselves, opponents and officials and encourages them to be the best they can be regardless of wins and losses.  Curtis' philosophy is that character and leadership can be developed through activities like sports.  As the 2013 Coach of the Year, Curtis was awarded a plaque as well as a $1000 South 20 gift card.  


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