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Congratulations - you've made the decision to buy an RV, now where do you begin?  We've put together a checklist of useful tips to make sure you get your money's worth out of the deal!
  • Talk to as many RV owners as possible - learn from their experiences (it may be time consuming, but very helpful!)
  • Decide which RV type is best for you: motorhome, 5th wheel, travel trailer, tent trailer or truck camper - everyone has different needs.
  • If you're in the market for a tow-able camper, make sure that your vehicle is legally capable of pulling the camper.  If your camper is over 10,000 lbs you will need a special driver's license.
  • Which amenities are optional to you and which are a necessity?
  • How many people do you need to accommodate for sleeping and do you mind making and unmaking beds such as booth dinettes and fold out couches.
  • Budget - better quality usually means a higher investment initially, but generally much better long term satisfaction.
  • Length of the unit for parking at your residence or smaller campgrounds can be an issue - if you want to pull a boat or another trailer behind your trailer you must have a strong enough hitch and meet the length restrictions of no more than 75'5" total length in Sask.
  • Construction - aluminum skinned with wooden framing or fiberglass skinned with aluminum framing or a combination of both.
  • Storage inside and out.
  • Dents, dings, cosmetics usually are an indicator of how it has been taken care of.
  • Check: lights, fans, doors, AC, fridge on electric and propane, water heater on propane and electric if equipped, furnace, water pump, monitors, awning, jacks, electronics - TV, stereo.
  • Electric panel - look for missing fuses or wrong sized fuses, melted wires, added on wiring, etc.
  • Tires and suspension - look underneath and if you see any welding or patching it may have been in an accident.
  • Aroma inside may indicate smoking or pets.
  • Walk the roof and look for soft spots and cracked sealant, windows, doors, etc.; open cupboard doors and look for stains which can be an indicator of leaks.
  • Look closely at furniture - usually the first impression will show wear and tear indicating whether it was heavily used or not.
  • Power up and water up everything **MUST DO!!**
  • If exterior is fiberglass, look for bubbles on the wall - this is an indicator of de-lamination and often is unrepairable or very expensive.
  • Check propane tank expiry dates - 10 years and they will have to be recertified.
  • Battery should be deep cycle to take continuous charging and de-charging.
  • If buying from a dealer ask about warranty and if the camper has been through the shop.  If it has ask to see the paperwork.
  • Ask if there was any work recently done or anything that needs attention.
  • Go to a reputable RV Dealership and find a salesperson with integrity and sincerity (South 20 RV!) to help you.
  • If you are unsure, take someone who is knowledgeable with you to inspect.
  • NEVER NEVER buy sight unseen!